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Apple partner Foxconn may announce 'Made in America' plans this week

Foxconn may announce as soon as this week in Washington D.C. its plans for producing electronics in the U.S. — specifically in Detroit and Wisconsin — though it is unknown whether Apple will play a part.

Citing people familiar with the company's plans, The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Foxconn could hold an event in the nation's capital this week to shed more light on its investment plans in the U.S.

If true, the reveal would come just days after U.S. President Donald Trump held a "Made in America" week, featuring products from all 50 states displayed inside and outside the White House.

Foxconn's anticipated Wisconsin factory will not likely apply to Apple — rumors have suggested the facility will be used to build display panels for large-format televisions. However, Foxconn's newly rumored intent in Detroit could potentially involve Apple manufacturing or parts production.

Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou has already indicated his company is planning "a number of investments in the U.S." Since then, however, the company has been light on specifics, simply providing a list of potential states where it could set up shop.

Gou did meet with Trump earlier this year, where the two were said to have discussed job creation, the sale of Toshiba's memory chip business, and investment in the U.S.

Though Apple works to diversify its supply chain with a range of component makers and assemblers, Foxconn is arguably the iPhone maker's most important supply chain partner, handling the bulk of production for a range of products including iPhones, iPads and Macs.

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