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Copper-colored 'iPhone 8' pops up on Chinese social media, provenance unknown

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More posts from Chinese social media have popped up, purporting to show a new copper color for the forthcoming "iPhone 8" — but it is unclear if the pictures are legitimate parts or mockups.

A set of images gathered from Chinese social media venue Weibo, collated by My Drivers allegedly show an assembled and non-functional iPhone 8 in a copper color. One set of images shows it side-by-side with a black, and a white casing.

The images are likely of duplicates stamped out from a clone factory. Apple's regulatory lines on the bottom of a device are much longer world-wide, and US versions don't include the CE Marking for European regulatory conformity as shown on the case parts in the pictures.

Rumors about color choices for a future iPhone are wrong as often as they are right. In June 2016, it was predicted that the iPhone 7 would sport a dark blue color — which turned out to be untrue.

The "iPhone 8" is rumored to feature an edge-to-edge OLED panel with a 5.1-inch user space with the remainder dedicated to virtual buttons. The device is expected to fit a larger battery in both size and capacity into a form factor similar in size to the 4.7-inch iPhone 7. Also expected is a new 3D facial scanner .

With a complete redesign, plus the inclusion of a 2.5D curved glass back with wireless charging, some reports have pegged the starting price of the "iPhone 8" at more than $1,000, and others as much as $1,200.