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More iOS 11 software examination shows evidence of wireless charging in iPhone

While it is not clear which new iPhone will get wireless charging, further examinations of the leaked "gold master" iOS 11 suggest that wireless charging is imminent — but no specific details have been gleaned beyond software support.

Spotted by developer Guilherme Rambo, iOS 11 includes a new "ChargingViewService" routine. Not only does the routine identify if a model is compatible with wireless charging, it is also in control of displaying some 3d animations while the device is using the feature.

Wireless charging has long been a rumored feature of what was previously expected to be called the OLED "iPhone 8" but is now identified as the iPhone X. The technology is expected in the LCD iPhone 8 as well, previously assumed to be called the "iPhone 7s" family.

The technology is thought to be based on the Qi standard, but reportedly limited to 7.5W.

Rambo notes that the iOS 11 leak is near final — but not yet complete. Some system settings pages literally contain "lorem ipsum" text as placeholders for final markers.

Apple is expected to announce three new iPhones with the high-end OLED model, and two other devices expected at a Sept. 12 press event. Also predicted is a refresh of the Apple TV adding 4K video as a playback option, and an LTE-equipped Apple Watch.