Apple Pay comes to Spain's CaixaBank, adding some 13M customers

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Spain's CaixaBank has officially added support for Apple Pay, expanding the platform's reach in the country by over 13 million people.

CaixaBank confirmed the rollout on Wednesday. The launch also includes imaginBank, its mobile-oriented brand.

Up until today CaixaBank had only promised Apple Pay by the end of 2017. Local site AppleSfera, however, noted that cards were already beginning to work earlier this week — something fairly common before a bank or retailer has made an Apple Pay announcement.

The change has yet to be reflected on Apple's roster of card issuers. Other issuers in Spain include boon, Carrefour, Edenred, Santander, and American Express.

Apple Pay has yet to reach a number of European countries, including major markets such as Germany. The platform could come to Sweden as soon as this month, and should arrive in Denmark and Finland in the near future.

Apple has also yet to deploy Apple Pay Cash, a feature promised alongside iOS 11. It's currently in testing though, and could appear in the final release of iOS 11.1.


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