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Tim Cook email claims Mac mini 'important part' of Apple's product matrix

In response to an email concerned about the future of the Mac mini, Apple CEO Tim Cook responded that the Mac mini will continue — but didn't share any specifics about the product's future.

A MacRumors reader wrote to Cook, asking if there was "anything in the pipeline" regarding the Mac mini, that was last updated over three years ago.

Cook responded affirmatively, "while it is not time to share any details," the product is still "an important part of the product line going forward."

The response is not the first time that an Apple executive has said that the Mac mini survives at Apple. In April, Phil Schiller briefly noted the product when discussing a new Mac Pro and professional iMac that turned out to be the iMac Pro.

"The Mac mini is an important product in our lineup," said Schiller at the time. "We weren't bringing it up because it's more of a mix of consumer with some pro use."

There have been no credible rumors about the Mac mini in some time. The 2014 Mac mini was generally regarded as a down-grade from the 2012 model, with the entry-level model seeing a slower processor than the predecessor but granted a price cut, plus quad-core i7 processors completely stricken from the line.