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Google quality assurance continues to struggle with some Pixel 2 XL shipping without Android

Some users are finding that their brand new Google Pixel 2 XL phones are arriving —but without an operating system installed, necessitating a return and replacement.

The Pixel 2 XL started shipping to customers on Oct. 29. It is unclear how widespread the problem is at this point —but multiple accounts of the problem have appeared on social media and other venues.

The Android absence on a new phone is the third problem with the Pixel 2 family of phones, and the fourth quality assurance-related problem that Google has suffered with in a month. The first quality assurance problem was an issue with the Google Home Mini, the second was the OLED screen burn-in, and the third was reports of clicking from within the Pixel 2.

Preview Google Home Mini hardware distributed at assorted release events had a serious flaw that caused the device to listen in on every noise generated in a house. This problem has since been permanently dealt with by a firmware update disabling the touch-to-activate button on all units, pre-release or shipping notwithstanding.

In October, Some Pixel 2 XL review units showed faint ghosts of navigation buttons when a gray background is onscreen. Burn-in is an eventual problem with OLED panels, but it's rare for devices to begin displaying it within only days of use.

The Pixel 2 XL uses a 2,880-by-1,440 pOLED display instead of the 1080p AMOLED found on the regular model, which could suggest the source of the defect. LG's pOLED, based on a plastic substrate, is extremely compact when compared with LCDs or glass-based OLED.

A class action suit regarding the display flaws in the Pixel 2 family is currently in the investigative phase.

The click was generated by an issue with the near-field communication circuitry, and a firmware fix is incoming.