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Matias' wired, backlit Mac keyboard serves as replacement for discontinued Apple version

Third-party accessory maker Matias debuted a new version of its wired Mac keyboard at CES on Tuesday, adding a few creature comforts like adjustable RGB backlighting to fill a product category Apple abandoned last year.

Matias' latest keyboard creation takes cues from Apple's iconic design language, complete with a svelte aluminum chassis in silver or space gray black chiclet-style keys and key font faithful to the original.

Not content on delivering a near replica of the now-discontinued wired Mac keyboard, which it did last year, Matias adds an RGB backlighting system that can be controlled by a rotary dial located on the keyboard's rear panel. Rotating the dial shifts backlight colors through a rainbow of colors.

Matias notes the Color Dial effectively negates blue light levels at night, which some studies have found to negatively impact a body's natural sleep cycle. From white, the keyboard cycles through a range of colors including yellow and red. Brightness can also be customized in 10 percent increments using a dedicated key and pressing the "+" or "-" buttons, or tapping on a number key.

Like all good Mac keyboards, Matias includes function keys that correspond to macOS system controls. The keys themselves offer two millimeters of travel, while a built-in USB 2.0 port serves as a handy connection point for a wired mouse.

Matias offers the RGB wired keyboard in a number of language layouts including U.S. English, UK English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swiss, Nordic, Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean.

The device can be preordered from Matias for $99, with shipments expected to head out in February.