Apple issues first tvOS 11.3 beta to public testers

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Following the release of the first tvOS 11.3 beta to developers on Wednesday, Apple a day later issued a similar beta build of the streaming device operating system to public beta program members for testing.

The first tvOS 11.3 beta is restricted to devices capable of running tvOS, which means fourth-generation Apple TV and Apple TV 4K units.

As noted in release notes disseminated with the developer build yesterday, tvOS 11.3 incorporates rating-based content filtering, support for automatic frame rates on fourth-generation Apple TV devices and automated AirPlay session switching, among other enhancements.

Users interested in testing out the latest tvOS public beta must navigate to the Settings app and switch Get Public Beta Updates to the "on" position. Apple TV will automatically download the beta version before signaling a user to install.

Along with the improvements listed above, tvOS 11.3 beta offers limited support for Apple's AirPlay 2 protocol. In its current form, the new wireless protocol allows users to stream music and other audio content from a device running iOS 11.3 beta to multiple Apple TV units.

As of tvOS 11.3 beta, testers need to set up their Apple TV units in the Home app, which subsequently grants playback functionality from an iPhone or iPad.

More robust AirPlay 2 support, including track controls, are expected to see implementation in a future version of iOS.


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