Growing glass crack appears at Michigan Ave. Apple store in Chicago

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A large crack recently appeared in one of the windows at Apple's Michigan Avenue store, and has not only gone unfixed but actually gotten bigger, photos show.

The crack — spanning multiple feet — has reportedly been present for several weeks. A new photo reveals that the crack is branching out, 9to5Mac observed on Monday.

The damage is unlikely to affect the structural integrity of the building, but could pose a safety hazard to shoppers or passersby if the glass shatters.

Apple has been keen to highlight the unusual design of Michigan Avenue, but the outlet became a subject of criticism early on when the company had to rope off surrounding areas to deal with falling ice and snow — a problem any building in Chicago should be equipped for. A spokesman blamed the issue on a malfunctioning warming system, and said the system was quickly reprogrammed.

Despite this, heating issues continue, 9to5Mac claims. When it works the system should melt ice and snow, allowing runoff to drain through internal support columns.

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