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Nomad launches iPhone-optimized wireless charger for Tesla Model 3

A new charging dock by Nomad fits snugly into the internal device charging dock of the Tesla Model 3 and is specifically optimized for iPhones, supporting up to 7.5W of power to two devices simultaneously.

Nomad Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger

Tesla owners are in a bit of a league of their own, with many accessories tailor-designed to fit within their interior. Nomad has long created exceptional accessories for iPhone owners, with a large emphasis on travel. While this product may be a bit niche for most out there, it will undoubtedly find an audience.

The entire charger has been created to fit within the charging dock of the Model 3 with space to charge two devices at the same time. It has an anti-slip rubber base to help prevent devices from sliding around.

Nomad Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger

While Nomad primarily considered the iPhone X and 8 when creating this wireless charging pad, optional spacers help devices of any size fit right in.

A pair of LED lights gives you feedback on the current charging status, easily letting you know when your device is topped off.

Nomad Tesla Model 3 Wireless Charger

Tesla owners will surely benefit from not only the wireless charging but the faster speed overall. The USB ports on the Model 3 only support 5W of power, so Nomad built-in a fast 6,000mAh battery to help support the quick output speeds they were looking for. Now instead of having to plug in an iPhone and charge at 5W, an iPhone can just be placed there and be charged at 7.5W.

Nomad isn't the only one on the market with a wireless charger for the Tesla Model 3, there is also the Jeda charger, though it doesn't look quite as nice as Nomad's.

This is the third wireless charger for Nomad, who created a handly wireless charging hub as well as a leather-wrapped portable travel charger (review).

If you have a Tesla Model 3, you can preorder Nomad's dual wireless charging pad today for $129.95, before it jumps up to $149.95. Preorders will start shipping on September 1.