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Here are the vehicles and receivers with Apple CarPlay announced in 2018 & 2019

Once an expensive niche option — and still that way in some cases — CarPlay is becoming increasingly common on new cars, trucks, and SUVs, as well as aftermarket receivers. Here's a roundup of the intros in 2018 and 2019. Updated on October 30 with news of Ford's new SYNC 4 system.

October 30

Ford has announced its SYNC 4 system, which will be available on select Ford vehicles in 2020. Vehicles with SYNC 4 will be CarPlay compatible and will allow a user to connect to an iPhone via both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

May 30

Two weeks after Lexus announced that older cars could get a CarPlay addition, the company has declared that the 2020 Lexus RX will feature the technology.

May 17

2018 Lexus LS 500

Owners of some 2018 and 2019 Lexus vehicles are eligible for a $199, dealer-installed "Lexus Multimedia System enhancement" that adds not just CarPlay but Amazon Alexa. Compatible 2018 models include the LS, LC, RC, RC F, and NX.

The situation is more complex with 2019 vehicles, since upgrades are necessary only for NX, RC F, and ES models bought before October 2018, and in the case of the ES, that narrows to ones without factory navigation.

May 14


Kenwood is ready to ship seven CarPlay-enabled in-car receivers first debuted at CES 2019. Each model boasts a 6.95-inch touch panel and wired connectivity to Apple's iPhone or a device compatible with Android Auto. Five of the new receivers feature wireless CarPlay support.

The $600 DMX7706S and $650 eXcelon DMX706S are non-CD designs that feature a shorter chassis to fit a wide range of vehicles, two camera inputs, 4-volt preamp outputs and a fast-charging USB port. The eXcelon variant adds an internal three-way crossover, gold-plated pre-outs and audiophile grade components.

Three wireless models tack on integration with Kenwood DashCam, three camera inputs and a second USB port. The $900 DDX8706S includes a CD/DVD player, while the $800 DMX9706 adds HD Radio and gold-plated 5.0-volt pre-outs. A $1400 model, the DNR876S, includes Garmin navigation.

Finally, two full-size eXcelon receivers boast enhanced screen quality with capacitive touch technology. The $850 eXcelon DMX906S incorporates a mechless design and the $950 eXcelon DDX8906S supports both CD and DVD playback.

May 2

Prius Prime

Toyota on Thursday revealed details of the upcoming 2020 Prius Prime, noting standard Apple CarPlay, SiriusXM and Amazon Alexa compatibility as new upgrades for the popular hybrid. The car will be available this summer with an MSRP between $27,600 and $33,500, depending on package. CarPlay is standard on all models.

Apr. 29

2018 Toyota Camry

Toyota on Monday announced retrofit options for 2018 Camry and Sienna models that include not just CarPlay but Amazon Alexa. Drivers will have to get installation done at a dealership, but in speaking with Car and Driver, Toyota wouldn't say how much the upgrade costs apart from the possibility of "a small service charge."

Apr. 17

CarPlay in the 2020 Toyota Highlander.

CarPlay, Android Auto, Amazon Alexa, Waze, and even Wi-fi will come standard in the 2020 Toyota Highlander, revealed ahead of the New York International Auto Show. Most trims will be equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen, but those wealthy enough to afford the Premium spec will get a 12.3-inch display. Gas-powered models will launch in December, with the Highlander Hybrid shipping in February.

CarPlay and Android Auto will also be standard on the Hyundai Venue, a new subcompact crossover SUV. All trims will have an 8-inch screen and launch sometime in Q4 2019.

The Hyundai Venue.
The Hyundai Venue.

Hyundai Venue CarPlay

Nissan is meanwhile planning to make CarPlay and Android Auto an optional upgrade for the 2020 Versa. That sedan will use a 7-inch touchscreen.

The 2020 Nissan Versa.
The 2020 Nissan Versa.

No prices have been announced for the three vehicles.

Apr. 2

Toyota 2020 Yaris Hatchback

Toyota will offer both wired CarPlay and Android Auto as standard features on the 2020 Yaris Hatchback, coming sometime later this year. Other tech features include Bluetooth, twin USB ports, and most importantly a 7-inch touchscreen, positioned above the dashboard so drivers can check it without taking their eyes completely off the road.

Toyota 2020 Yaris Hatchback

Pricing is another unknown, but the 2018 Yaris Liftback starts at $15,635, only slightly more than the 2019 mainline Yaris.

Ford is meanwhile bringing CarPlay and Android Auto to the 2020 Escape crossover SUV. Most models will have an 8-inch touchscreen when the vehicle ships this fall, but prices have yet to be released, and a plug-in hybrid version won't launch until next spring.

2020 Ford Escape

March 19

Boss BVCP9685A

Joining recent receivers by Alpine and Sony, Boss Audio has launched the BVCP9685A, a 6.75-inch model with both CarPlay and Android Auto. The product is normally $249.99, but is currently selling for $209.99 on Amazon after a $40 coupon, making it one of the least expensive aftermarket options. Upgrades from a prior model include a capacitive touchscreen and a slimmer body.

Feb. 26

Toyota 2020 Corolla LE Hybrid

CarPlay, Android Auto, and Amazon Alexa will be standard features on Toyota's 2020 Corolla, shipping to the U.S. in March. By default people will interact with CarPlay on a 7-inch touchscreen, but people willing to pay for an LE trim or higher can get an 8-inch panel. Toyota is once again using a wired-only connection.

Prices for the car will start at $19,500. The LE trim is $19,950 for a gas model, and $22,950 as a hybrid, though the latter may qualify for government discounts.

Feb. 7

Toyota 2020 Sequoia CarPlay

In advance of the Chicago Auto Show, Toyota has announced that 2020 models of the Tacoma, Tundra, Sequoia, and 4Runner will all have Apple CarPlay as a standard feature.

The only practical difference between trim levels will be screen size, Toyota indicated. The 2020 Tacoma for instance will come with a 7-inch screen by default, but people paying extra for an SR5 trim or better will get an 8-inch display. The same is true for drivers opting for TRD Pro trims of the Tundra, Sequoia, and 4Runner.

Pricing and launch dates aren't yet ready, and the company hasn't said whether any models will support wireless CarPlay. That's unlikely though, since the feature is still rare industry-wide, and the only planned Toyota compatibility is in the 2020 Supra.

Volkswagen is meanwhile planning to add wireless CarPlay to the 2020 Passat, though it's unknown if the technology will make it to U.S. models.

Jan. 14, 2019

2020 Toyota Supra

The 2020 Toyota Supra, coming in the first half of 2019, will not only be the first Supra sold in the U.S. in over 20 years, but a rare example of native wireless CarPlay. Buyers will have to spring for the $53,990 Premium trim, but this also includes an 8.8-inch touchscreen, 12-speaker JBL sound, and wireless phone charging.

Kia has separately announced the 2020 Telluride SUV, with wired CarPlay but on an optional 10.25-inch touchscreen. Fiat Chrysler is going even bigger, putting CarPlay on a 12-inch touchscreen for the 2019 Ram Heavy Duty. Neither Kia nor Fiat Chrysler have shared pricing or launch dates.

— — -

Nov. 21

Mazda CarPlay

Mazda is offering dealer-installed CarPlay upgrades for some U.S. vehicles from the 2014 model year onwards, the main requirement being a Mazda Connect dash interface. The option costs $199, but also adds a 2.1-amp USB port and Android Auto support.

CarPlay and Android Auto will be natively supported in U.S. Mazda6 models built from this month on, an exception being the Sport trim. Other Mazda vehicles with native support include 2019 CX-5 and CX-9 models.

Sept. 26

2019 Range Rover PHEV

Jaguar and Land Rover have announced that beginning with the 2019 model year, all vehicles with InControl Touch Pro or Touch Pro Duo interfaces will support an optional connectivity package including CarPlay and Android Auto. New car buyers will have to pay $280 or more depending on the model and trim, but current U.S. owners will eventually be able to get a retroactive update, one which is already available to some drivers in the U.K.

Sept. 5

Acura 2019 ILX

Acura on Wednesday announced the 2019 ILX, its first version of the sedan with CarPlay, as well as Android Auto. Drivers will interact through an "enhanced" 7-inch capacitive touchscreen. The vehicle should reach dealerships in October.

Toyota meanwhile confirmed that CarPlay is a standard feature in the 2019 Toyota Camry.

2019 Toyota Camry and Apple CarPlay

Aug. 17

And now, a quick glimpse at what you can expect for CarPlay in iOS 12.

Aug. 16

2019 Toyota Sienna

Via its website, Toyota has indeed confirmed that the 2019 Sienna minivan will have Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa. It should come standard on LE, SE, and XLE trims, which have a 7-inch touchscreen.

Sony has meanwhile announced the XAV-AX210, a new 6.4-inch aftermarket receiver that supports CarPlay and Android Auto. It's actually an update of a 2017 model, the main new feature being support for iDatalink Maestro, an audio system that bridges wheels controls, amp functions, and onscreen car settings - but only when outside of CarPlay. Pricing and a North American release date will be revealed sometime this fall.

Sony XAV-AX210

Aug. 15

2019 Nissan Sentra SR Turbo

In announcing U.S. pricing for the 2019 Sentra, now available, Nissan revealed that people will have to pay for the SV trim ($19,090) or higher to get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto standard. The base S trim starts at $17,790.

The approach is similar to that for other Nissan vehicles such as the 2018 Leaf. CarPlay is de facto on the Leaf SV or SL for example, but completely unavailable on the cheaper Leaf S. This is the first year the Sentra has had CarPlay.

Aug. 13

Toyota's burgeoning CarPlay lineup will soon include the 2019 Camry and Sienna, according to car shopping site CarsDirect. The information hasn't been announced publicly, but was uncovered by analysis of order guides. Interestingly, the vehicles may also support Amazon Alexa but not Android Auto, even though people will initially need an Android phone to make Alexa work. Alexa support for iPhone users is slated for early 2019.

Aug. 7


September's Mazda CX-9 will begin at $32,280, but only have CarPlay standard in the Touring trim ($35,330) and above. That does also get owners an 8-inch screen, an upgrade from 7 inches on the base Sport.

July 31

Mazda CarPlay

Mazda said that as of September, people with a 2018 Mazda6 sedan will be able to get a free dealer-installed CarPlay upgrade, but only if they paid for a Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Touring Reserve, or Signature trim. Those trims will get the technology pre-installed as of November.

May 25


CarPlay is coming to the Subaru WRX for the first time in 2019 models, launching soon. The technology will generally come standard, but on a 6.5-inch screen with the base trim ($28,080), and 7 inches with the Premium ($30,380) and STI ($37,480). Limited ($32,680) buyers will have to pick CarPlay as an upgrade.

May 24


Pioneer's new AVH-W4400NEX and AVH-W8400NEX receivers each support wireless CarPlay, still a rare commodity. The former ($699.99) has a 7-inch resistive touchscreen, while the latter ($1,199.99) switches to a capacitive screen, making it more responsive.

Apr. 25


The 2019 ES will be the first Lexus with CarPlay, and ship in September. Models without onboard navigation will get an 8-inch display, but people who pay extra for the navigation package will get a whopping 12.3-inch display, bigger than most iPads.

March 28

Perhaps following Toyota's lead, another CarPlay holdout — Mazda — revealed plans to add CarPlay to two upcoming vehicles, beginning with this summer's 2018 Mazda6. That car will only have the platform standard on Touring, Grand Touring, Grand Touring Reserve, and Signature trims, but displayed on an 8-inch screen.

The technology should also hit the 2019 CX-9 crossover, but few details have been shared.

March 26


Honda took the wraps off the 2019 Insight, saying the hybrid sedan will arrive this summer with CarPlay support through an "available" 8-inch dash interface. Toyota's Lexus division meanwhile said that its UX compact crossover, due in December, will have CarPlay standard.


March 23


The next Toyota to get CarPlay will be this summer's 2019 Corolla Hatchback, offering the technology on an 8-inch touchscreen. Pricing hasn't been revealed.

Feb. 16


The 2019 Subaru Ascent, coming this summer, will have CarPlay on all trims, starting at $31,995. That base model will use a 6.5-inch display however, forcing people to pay for more expensive trims if they want an 8-inch screen.

Jan. 31


Acura's 2018 MDX Sport Hybrid has CarPlay standard on all trims, presented on a 7-inch capactive touchscreen. The vehicle starts at $52,100.

Jan. 16

BMW is departing from the rest of the industry and switching to a subscription model for CarPlay. Beginning next year, BMW owners will have to pay $80 per year after their first, something the automaker defends as cheaper than the current one-time $300 price, at least if they have a three- or four-year lease.

Jan. 15


In a major concession, long-time holdout Toyota has announced plans to bring CarPlay to the 2019 Avalon, along with other 2019 models such as some Lexus vehicles. The Avalon is shipping in the spring and will have CarPlay standard on all trims.

In 2015 Toyota infamously declared that it intended to stick with proprietary platforms for the foreseeable future, even as other automakers were preparing or already adding CarPlay. Apple's software began picking up traction in 2016 and is now on numerous vehicles, though availability on low-cost models remains an issue.

Jan. 11

The 2019 Honda Insight will have support for CarPlay as an add-on package, displayed on an 8-inch touchscreen. Honda is promising to ship the car later this year.

Jan. 9, 2018


At CES Alpine showed off the CarPlay-compatible iLX-F309, due in February. The $1,100 receiver is distinguished by having a "floating" 9-inch WVGA touchscreen, allowing it to fit in vehicles that might not otherwise have enough dash space.