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Craig Federighi says iPadOS created because iPad is now a 'truly distinct experience'

The splintering of the iPad-specific "iPadOS" from the iPhone's "iOS" is due to it being a "truly distinct experience" separate from the company's other platforms, according to Apple's Craig Federighi in a post-WWDC keynote interview.

Among the announcements relating to its operating systems, Apple revealed it was making a major change to iOS that would refine its purpose. Rather than continuing to combine iPhone and iPad under one operating system, Apple launched iPadOS as its own version just for the tablet line, offering more features than iOS that take advantage of the bigger screen size.

"It's become a truly distinct experience," said Apple senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi in comments made to CNET on Monday. "It's not an iPhone experience. It's not a Mac experience. The name is a recognition of that."

The shift in attitude in using iPads for work instead of notebooks has opened up possibilities for people to accomplish tasks. While not directly calling iPadOS and iPads a replacement for the traditional notebook, Federighi suggested "we've expanded the domain where people can say the iPad is the best solution" with the launch of the new operating system.

When asked about his computing needs, Federighi advised he used both iPad and Mac for his work, as he manages teams that produces software for both platforms. On a personal level, Federighi admits he's spending more time with an iPad.

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