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LG bringing Apple TV app to smart TVs in 2020

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Owners of LG smart televisions will soon be able to watch content from the Apple TV+ service without requiring a separate set-top box, with the South Korean electronics company bringing the Apple TV app to a number of screens running webOS.

Part of a number of announcements made at CES 2020, LG televisions will be the latest venue for Apple customers to be able to watch Apple TV content directly from the television. Rather than relying on AirPlay, an Apple TV set-top box, or another piece of external hardware, the update will bring the Apple TV app to the webOS smart TV interface.

The Apple TV app will allow customers to use Apple TV , with the ability to subscribe to the streaming service and to sign up to other Apple TV channels also possible on the LG televisions. Access to the iTunes video library is also provided, with more than 100,000 films and TV shows available to view from Apple's digital storefront.

LG did not advise exactly when the Apple TV app will be brought to its television lineup, but it will take place sometime this year. The update will not only be for new televisions, as 2018 and 2019-era LG TV models are set to gain the app as well.

Previously, LG provided support for AirPlay 2 and HomeKit in select 2019 TV models.

The addition of support from LG follows similar efforts in the last year by Samsung, Vizio, and Sony to do the same to their televisions.

For the manufacturers, they can offer customers more content options, as well as access to content they may already own in Apple's ecosystem. For Apple, it expands the customer base for Apple TV+, as well as the possible reach of Apple TV Channel subscriptions.