Adobe privately inviting users to beta test Illustrator for iPad

Currently in closed beta, Illustrator for iPad should launch later in 2020.

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Adobe is currently inviting users to beta test its upcoming Illustrator for iPadOS app, according to reports from users who received an invitation.

The Creative Cloud maker first revealed its plans to create iPad-specific versions of some of its popular apps in 2019. Adobe then released Photoshop for iPad in November 2019.

A launch for the new iPadOS Illustrator app is slated for this year. And on Monday, users who had previously signed up for the Illustrator private beta began receiving invites to test out the software. An exact release date for the app is still unknown.

Adobe previously said that it's reworking Illustrator from the "ground up" for iPad, including the ability for users to take advantage of Apple Pencil support. It promised an intuitive experience that didn't compromise on any of the power or precision of the desktop vector-based art app.

The Illustrator for iPad app is coming at an opportune time for Apple tablet users, since the company has slowly been adding new computer-like features to iPadOS. Just recently, Apple introduced deeper mouse and trackpad support for the iPad and debuted a new iPad Pro generation with enhanced augmented reality features.