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LG starts rollout of 2020 NanoCell TV lineup with HomeKit & AirPlay 2

LG's new NanoCell TV

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LG is now sharing pricing and availability information for its 2020 NanoCell 4K and 8K television lineup that include support for HomeKit as well as AirPlay 2.

The new TVs were first debuted at CES 2020 and feature sizes between 49 inches and 86 inches. NanoCell technology reproduces color by using a one-nanometer layer of particles that filter out impurities resulting in "natural, lifelike color" according to LG, which are more accurate even when viewed at wide angles.

Of importance to Apple users, these sets will support both AirPlay 2 and the HomeKit smart home platform. AirPlay 2 allows users to cast both audio and video to the TV from their iPhone, iPad, or Mac and audio from HomePod as well. With HomeKit, users can control the TV with Siri, as well as with the Remote app and in the Home app on their iPhone and iPad.

HomeKit audio devices can also be included in automation scenes such as a "goodnight" scene turning off the TV while also turning off the lights and closing the blinds. Another use case is your "workout" scene could start playing your high-intensity workout playlist on the TV.

LG's new NanoCell TV
LG's new NanoCell TV

Aside from HomeKit and AirPlay 2, the webOS-based TVs also support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, the standalone Apple TV app, Disney+, Netflix, LG Channels, and Movies Anywhere.

The flagship model of the lineup is the 86-inch 4K 86NANO90UNA TV, which is available now for $3299.

Other than the Nano81 series, all of LG's 2020 NanoCell 4K TVs are powered by the Alpha 7 Gen 3 Intelligent Processor and the Nano99 8K models use the Alpha 9 gen 3 AI processor 8K. All support Dolby Vision as well as Dolby Atmos except for the Nano81 line which is limited to HDR 10 and HLG.

On the 8K side, LG's 2020 8K NanoCell TVs exceed the requirements put forth by the Consumer Technology Association for 8K sets which allows it to be among the first to use the CTA 8K Ultra HD markings.

Select models are available now. Most others will roll out later in April and in May, with the 75-inch 75NANO85UNA landing this September.