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Apple hunting for podcast chief to lead original content push, Apple TV+ tie-ins

Apple's original content push will extend to podcasts, and according to a new report, is currently ramping up.

Apple is reportedly ramping up its original podcast push by seeking a new content chief that will purchase new programming related to its TV series and movies on Apple TV+.

In 2019, reports suggested the company was ready to begin funding original podcasts that would be exclusive to its own platform. And in January, Apple was said to be planning original podcasts that are essentially spinoffs of Apple TV+ programs.

Sources told Bloomberg that Apple's original content push is split into types: the aforementioned audio-only spinoffs of Apple TV+ shows, as well as original podcasts that could be adapted to Apple TV+ shows down the road. Apple is currently in the midst of acquiring shows in both categories, the sources said.

Bloomberg also reports that Apple is looking for an executive to lead its original podcasts push. The person would report directly to Ben Cave, Apple's current head of podcasting.

The move could help bolster Apple TV+, which launched in 2019. But it could also help stave off growing competition from rival Spotify, who has been making a bigger push into podcasting.

On Tuesday, Spotify announced that it had reached a multi-year deal with "The Joe Rogan Experience," the terms of which would pull the popular podcast from Apple Podcasts to become a Spotify exclusive.

In addition to funding original Apple podcasts, the company is also said to be in talks with media companies to secure exclusive rights to existing shows.