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Eve Cam HomeKit Secure Video camera up for preorder, ships June 23

The new Eve Cam

After being announced at CES 2020, Eve Systems has now opened preorders for its HomeKit-exclusive Eve Cam with units expected to start shipping June 23.

Eve Systems has a history of exclusively supporting Apple's HomeKit and shunning competing ecosystems such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. That is part of what makes Eve Cam unique as it too only works with HomeKit.

The camera supports HomeKit Secure Video, which allows cloud recording of footage to be stored inside of iCloud, rather than locally or via a third-party subscription. No third-party app or account is necessary and all video is end-to-end encrypted.

Viewing the Eve Cam in the Home app with HomeKit Secure Video
Viewing the Eve Cam in the Home app with HomeKit Secure Video

With HomeKit Secure Video, users are able to store ten days of footage from Eve Cam on iCloud with the 200GB plan. With the 2TB plan users can add up to four additional HomeKit Secure Video-enabled cameras.

Eve Cam has a 150-degree field of view, an infrared motion sensor, night vision up to five meters away, sports two-way communication, and has various mounting options. It also features rich notifications, remote access with a Home Hub, and privacy controls that can disable the camera when users are home.

The new Eve Cam is similar to the recently released Circle View which also exclusively supports HomeKit Secure Video.

HomeKit users can preorder direct from Eve's website for $149.95 with Apple Stores and Amazon to follow in July.