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Apple rumored to bring Magic Keyboard to more iPads

iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard

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A prolific leaker claims that the Magic Keyboard currently sold only for the iPad Pro will be brought to other iPad models.

Following his or her previous leaks about future iPad refreshes, Twitter user l0vetodream says that the Magic Keyboard is destined for more than solely the 11-inch iPad Pro and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models.

As ever, the leaker says very little, but l0vetodream has an increasingly strong reputation for correctly revealing future Apple products. The account's previous correct leaks include ones about iPads, including the addition of a LiDAR sensor that then appeared on the iPad Pro.

While this latest leak makes no specific reference to which iPad models could gain a Magic Keyboard option, the same leaker recently claimed there is a forthcoming iPad refresh that will utilize Apple's A12 processor.

Separately, sources within the supply chain have claimed that the iPad Air is shortly to get a fourth generation refresh, which will see it adopt certain elements of the iPad Pro. That includes moving from Lightning to USB-C for charging, and may mean more internal similarities which could be what enables a Magic Keyboard.