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Sonos Move software update grants hour of battery life, now available in Lunar White

The new Sonos Move in Lunar White

Sonos has released an updated version of its popular Sonos Move portable AirPlay 2 speaker in a "Lunar White" version, while all Move speakers are gaining an extra hour of battery life.

Available for preorder now, the new Lunar White Sonos Move is a lighter color to the previous all-black model of the well-reviewed speaker. Sonos Move is a battery-powered speaker that also comes with a docking station. It can act as a standard speaker inside your home, or it can be picked up and moved anywhere around your home.

While near your home, it is able to connect over Wi-Fi and supports AirPlay 2, HomeKit, and Siri. When you venture away from the home, it is able to work wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Lunar White and black colorways of Sonos Move
Lunar White and black colorways of Sonos Move

The speaker has a rugged body and water resistance.

Alongside the new white finish, Sonos has also issued a software update for all Move speakers that besides bug fixes adds improved power management resulting in an additional hour of battery life. This comes as the result of work on the new Sonos Arc soundbar. Sonos says that the Arc uses 26% less power when idle compared to the smaller Beam, and engineers were able to take what they learned from Arc and apply it to the Move.

The update can be downloaded now for existing Move speakers. The new Lunar White Move can be preordered from Sonos for $399 with shipping starting on June 30.