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10.8-inch, 8.5-inch iPads will have 20W charger, iPhone 12 won't, says Ming-Chi Kuo

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In a note to investors about Apple's alleged removal of power adapters from the box of the iPhone 12, TF Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has doubled down on claims two new iPad models are on the way, but crucially will include new 20-watt chargers.

In May, Ming-Chi Kuo offered a prediction that two new iPad models will be shipping in the next year, starting with a 10.8-inch iPad arriving in the second half of 2020. It will apparently be followed by a new iPad mini in the first half of 2021, with the May report suggesting a screen size upgrade to between 8.5 inches and 9 inches.

A new note to investors seen by AppleInsider reiterates those claims, further cementing Kuo's belief on the scheduling and sizes of the models. Furthermore, Kuo has narrowed down the size of the smaller, later model to an 8.5-inch display.

Kuo's comments are made amid other supply chain rumblings in June about iPads, including one report that latches on to the late-2020 scheduling for the 10.8-inch iPad and a new iPad mini. Another at the start of the month pointed to a change in the 10.8-inch replacement for the iPad Air that switches from Lightning to a USB-C connector, similar to the iPad Pro range.

The claims are made as part of a general conversation about what Apple could remove from the boxes of its most important products. According to Kuo, Apple will include a new 20-watt power adapter in the new iPad models, with the adapter said to be entering mass production in Q3 2020.

Existing 5-watt and 18-watt adapters will supposedly cease production in 2020, while the current 12-watt variant will end production "in 9-12 months."

As for what products will have chargers, Kuo expects the existing iPad lineup will continue to include in-box 12-watt power adapters until their end-of-life.

For the iPhone 12, Kuo reiterates a claim made in May that it will ship without EarPods, which will help boost sales of AirPods. At the same time, Apple is tipped to eliminate the in-box power adapter for the iPhone 12, as a cost-saving measure.

It is also unlikely Apple will replace the charger with a form of wireless charging system in the box, but Kuo reckons it will still help benefit wireless charger shipments in general, despite the power-transfer system still not being a "must-have" feature for consumers.