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Apple opens registrations for 'Apple Camp at Home' sessions

Credit: Apple

Apple has opened registrations for its virtual "Apple Camp at Home" sessions, allowing parents and kids to now sign up for the program which includes a free Activity Book.

Earlier in June, the company announced that its Apple Camp summer educational programs would be held in a virtual fashion due to store closures and coronavirus. The program is typically an in-store retail initiative.

Registration for the at-home sessions, which aim to teach kids creative and technical skills, are now open on Apple's website. Parents and kids should be able to sign up and download an Activity Book starting Monday.

Some examples of Apple Camp activities include "Spark Positive Change," "Learn to Code a Helpful Robot" and "Design a Space for Happiness." They leverage Apple software such as Clips, Pages or Swift Playgrounds.

In addition to the downloadable Activity Book, Apple will also hold 30- or 60-minute live sessions via Webex between July 11 and July 31. Kids will be able to learn more about each project and ask questions to Apple Creative Pros.

Apple Camp at Home is only the latest virtual educational initiative that the company has launched during the global health pandemic. Earlier in the year, Apple began offering resources for iPad-based learning and launched "Today at Apple at Home" sessions.