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'iPhone 12' will use magnets to simplify charging positioning, leak claims

Purported images of the interior components of an "iPhone 12" showing a circle of magnets

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Photographs purporting to be of the inside of an "iPhone 12," and Apple's official cases, show a circular arrangement of magnets, possibly related to charging.

Following previous reports that the "iPhone 12" chassis may feature smaller batteries than the iPhone 11 range, a new leak claims that there will be a series of magnets which may be related to wireless charging. Photographs show a circular arrangement of batteries within the chassis, and a seemingly identical one in what's claimed to be Apple's official "iPhone 12" case.

The images were reportedly first seen on Weibo, and then posted to Twitter by EverythingApplePro. This account has previously claimed details about the "iPhone 12," and also broke an iPad Pro in order to prove it could be broken.

While the original tweet only says that there are magnets inside the forthcoming iPhone's chassis, EverythingApplePro followed that with a second leak. This image is purportedly of an official Apple case for the new phone and shows the same circular arrangement of magnets.

It's suggested that this circular magnet arrangement may be to do with wireless charging. The new "iPhone 12," or its case, might support charging other devices, in which case these magnets may keep those in place.

Alternatively, the magnets may be there to help with the charging of the phone itself. Apple has reportedly charging other devices"> on its previously-cancelled AirPower charging mat, and this magnet arrangement may be related.