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Apple's September 15 'Time Flies' event invite hides a whimsical AR logo

AR Apple Logo

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Apple announced its "iPhone 12" event on Tuesday morning, and hid an AR Easter egg inside the invite logo.

When on the Apple event webpage, users can click on the Apple logo to enter AR view on iOS and iPadOS devices. On macOS, users can download the file and view the animation in Quick Look.

The logo loops back and forth through the animation and can be viewed in 360-degrees in AR. Apple introduced the ability for their devices to interact with USDZ files in iOS 12.

Some devices running iOS 13.7 or the iOS 14 beta show a blank screen with "object requires a newer version of iOS." To get around this— press and hold on the logo and select "download linked file." From the downloaded file, you can interact with the 3D object and place it into your room with AR.

Some users on Twitter are able to launch the object, while AppleInsider staff could not despite trying multiple devices running the latest iOS 14 beta and iOS 13.7.

Apple event invites are often a red herring, as the designer making the invite knows nothing about the event or what it will entail. The AR aspect of the invite could lend to the idea that AR and LiDAR will play a big part in the "iPhone 12." The all-digital Apple event will be held September 15.