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September 15 event is for 'Apple Watch Series 6,' not 'iPhone 12,' report claims

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A new series of reports claim that Apple's September 15 event is for the "Apple Watch Series 6," and that the "iPhone 12" won't be announced until October.

Following Apple's announcement of a September 15 event, a new claim says that it is to exclusively feature the unveiling of the new "Apple Watch Series 6." While Apple's September events usually feature both a new Apple Watch and a new iPhone, the claim is that the "iPhone 12" announcement is delayed to October.

According to Bloomberg, Apple's "Time Flies" invitation is a direct reference to the new "Apple Watch Series 6." The report also notes that the event will again be solely an online one.

It was already expected that Apple would move the release of its "iPhone 12" range to October, but not the announcement. Until this report, it had been believed that there would be a launch event in September and perhaps around a similar time to most previous ones, with some models not arriving until later, at around the same time that the iPhone X shipped.

Earlier reports had claimed that Apple would separate the unveiling of the "Apple Watch Series 6." However, it was expected that this would be because a September event would be devoted to the "iPhone 12," and that the Watch would be announced with a press release.

Those same reports said that an iPad Air was due, and this may now happen at the "Time Flies" event. Recent regulatory filings have confirmed that five editions of a new iPad are on their way.