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Apple honors Veterans Day with Apple Watch activity challenge, extended Apple Music trial

Apple has added a new activity challenge to Apple Watch for Veterans Day

Apple has announced a new Apple Watch activity challenge, plus four months of free Apple Music, for veterans of the US military, National Guard, and Reserve.

As it has before, Apple has added a new activity challenge to Apple Watch, in support of Veterans Day. It's also offering year-round discounts, plus a four month free trial of Apple Music for veterans who subscribe during November.

"Today and throughout the year, Apple recognizes the immense sacrifices of veterans and their families," said Apple in a statement. "In honor of Veterans Day, Apple is proud to spotlight veterans stories, legacies, and communities — and to honor and support those who serve."

Alongside its Apple Music offer, and Apple Watch challenge, Apple says that is working to support veterans organizations. "Apple and its employees are proud to support veterans organizations that are giving back to the community, including non-profits like Team Rubicon," it continues.

"Team Rubicon mobilizes veterans to continue their service to their country and community, leveraging their skills and experience to help people prepare, respond, and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises, including COVID-19," says Apple. "With a donation to Team Rubicon, Apple is helping mobilize the organization's Greyshirt volunteers who are engaged in hurricane recovery efforts in the Gulf Coast."

Apple is offering volunteer training so that its "veterans and other employees" are able to "join the ranks of Team Rubicon's Greyshirt first responders for deployment at disaster sites."

The App Store is also supporting Veterans Day, with collections of apps that include bringing veterans together, and providing health and wellness resources. Apple TV and Apple TV+ is also collating military stories, "surfacing movies and shows that tell the rich stories of those who have served."

Apple regularly honors Veterans Day through activity challenges, and discounts. Previously, Tim Cook has also tweeted a photo of him with veterans who work at Apple.