Apple App Store Connect holiday shutdown is from Dec. 23 to Dec. 27

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Apple has warned developers of its annual App Store Connect downtime, a period when the App Store closes to new app submissions and updates for some of the holiday period.

An annual tradition for developers, Monday's release of the App Store Connect holiday schedule is a warning to those who produce apps for the App Store of a partial interruption of service. Each year, App Store Connect closes itself to submissions of new apps and for updates to existing apps for a few days over the holidays.

For 2020, App Store Connect will stop taking submissions from December 23 until December 27. Apple warns developers to ensure there is enough time for their releases to be "scheduled, submitted, and approved" in advance of this period, or leave themselves waiting until after December 27 for updates to take place.

While the schedule affects new app and update submissions, other elements of App Store Connect and developer account features will remain accessible as usual.

Apple doesn't explain why App Store Connect stops taking submissions each year, but given the quantity of apps that are in the App Store and the subsequent number of updates, it is quite probable that the period is to give staff working on related teams some time off.

The warning may also be considered as Apple giving developers a heads-up to get their apps in order ahead of a period when high App Store usage is anticipated. Gifts of iPhones and iPads are quite common, so an influx of new users and downloads are anticipated for this time of year.

As Apple itself says, "The busiest season on the App Store is almost here."