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'Apple Glass' prototype reportedly enters second stage of production

New supply chain reports claim a prototype "Apple Glass" is in phase two of production, following recent rumors of a 2021 release for the AR device.

Backing up the report by analyst Ming-Chi Kuo that "Apple Glass" will be released in 2021, a new claim says it has passed a first stage of production.

"Apple is about to enter the second phase of its AR glasses prototype development," says Digitimes in a report, "according to industry sources."

There is no detail of what this second phase represents, nor how many phases are expected. However, it does suggest that "Apple Glass" is progressing toward a commercial release.

Previously, Ming-Chi Kuo had expected "Apple Glass" to launch in 2022 at the earliest. His latest report brings this forward to 2021, which ties in closer with claims from serial leaker Jon Prosser.

As well as predicting a launch between March and June 2021 launch, Prosser has previously said that "Apple Glass" will retail from $499. That cost would be for a version without prescription lenses, and possibly for a plastic frame.