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Apple reportedly testing in-screen Touch ID for the next iPhone

Touch ID and Face ID

The next iPhone could feature both Face ID and a version of Touch ID using an optical fingerprint scanner built into the display.

Following many previous reports that Apple has been investigating under-display optical Touch ID, a new claim says that the feature is in testing. If correct, it backs up predictions that the technology will appear in the "iPhone 13."

According to the Wall Street Journal, two unnamed former Apple employees have confirmed that a new optical Touch ID may be featured alongside the existing Face ID.

One former employee previously worked on Touch ID and said that an optical version could be more reliable than the existing ultrasonic technique. However, this source also said that Apple would not adopt optical fingerprint sensing unless it proved to be as secure as the current Touch ID.

Touch ID is currently used in the iPhone SE, iPad, and MacBooks. Most recently, Apple moved the Touch ID sensor to the sleep/wake button on the iPad Air 4.