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New AirPods Pro 'Jump' ad highlights activity and noise cancelling

A new AirPods Pro ad follows a dancer running and jumping as he listens to music and turns on noise cancelling.

As news broke that "AirPods 3" are not going to be launched this month, Apple has released a new ad promoting specifically its higher-end AirPods Pro. "Jump" focuses on the ability of these AirPods Pro to stay firmly in-ear during excessive exercise, and also on their Active Noise Cancellation.

As with its previous "Snap" ad, this new one follows a person on their route across a city. In this case, the person is listening to "Fallin' Apart (Feat. Denzel Curry & Pell)" by Young Franco, and interacting with people along the way.

It begins with him joining in actual skipping rope games with children. Then people around him start to create skipping ropes out of neon tubing, or out of painted road signs which magically lift off the ground.

At intervals, he also turns Active Noise Cancelling on and off, showing us how much of the surrounding environment's sounds the ANC is able to switch off. The whole 1'52" video can be seen here.

This ad follows recent ones for the AirPods Max. Apple has been regularly releasing AirPod ad videos since shortly after their launch in 2016.

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