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Apple seeded disinformation about March 23 event to root out leakers, leaker says

A virtual Apple event is expected to take place at the Steve Jobs Theater

Likely as part of a counter-intelligence program by Apple, top leakers were wrong about Apple having an event on March 23 — and this is a sign of trouble for their sources inside the company.

Apple is a secretive company that prides itself on the ability to surprise and delight its customers. The ability for leaks to escape to the media is in direct opposition to this, and it is increasingly obvious that Apple is on the defense.

Many reputable Apple leakers reported an Apple event would take place on March 23. Invites for an event usually arrive no later than a week prior, but March 16 sailed by with no indication of an event.

Leakers have mostly remained silent about the misstep — except for Jon Prosser. In his latest video, he claimed that Apple used a controlled leak to get the March 23 date to all of the leaker's sources.

There is a long history of companies, governments, and other entities using fake information to out a "mole" or leaker. By distributing fake details to a select number of employees, Apple is able to whittle down where leaks are coming from.

Prosser says that he has a separate source that has reported an April event since early February. He chose to ignore that source since every other source indicated March 23.

According to Prosser, the April event will be a pre-recorded video with details of multiple products being released. The "AirTags" and a refreshed 10.2-inch iPad are expected to be announced. There is a slim chance of "AirPods 3" or the next iPad Pro appearing at the event as well.

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