Ikea, Sonos working on new Symfonisk desk lamps, speaker-equipped wall art

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Ikea and Sonos are beginning to tease new product collaborations, which may include an updated Symfonisk table lamp speaker and a piece of wall art with integrated speakers.

On Monday, Ikea teased upcoming Symfonisk devices on Instagram. And according to The Verge, new product filings with the Federal Communication Commission indicate that Ikea and Sonos are working on two separate speaker devices for release in 2021.

The first device will be a revamped version of the Symfonisk table lamp, which has a built-in speaker and is compatible with AirPlay. It's expected to be sold for around the same $179 price point, but won't feature any major updates.

The second product, codenamed "Titan," will be a piece of wall art with an integrated speaker. While such devices are already on the market, the Ikea and Sonos collaboration will likely aim at a much lower price.

The Verge has reportedly seen an early image of the product but hasn't seen any additional details on how it works. It also isn't clear whether the speaker unit can be transferred between different art housings or if the artwork is built into the final device.

In the past, Ikea and Sonos collaborative products have delivered good sound quality and multi-purpose applications for the price. Sonos has also released recent products with AirPlay 2 support, including the portable Sonos Roam.

It isn't clear when new Ikea and Sonos devices will launch, but the timing of the FCC filings suggests that a debut could happen within a few months.


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