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Blogger successfully hacks Jaguar I-Pace electric car into HomeKit

Credit: Andrew O'Hara, AppleInsider

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A home automation blogger has managed to add a Jaguar I-Pace electric vehicle to a HomeKit setup, allowing multiple car functions to be controlled by the system.

By integrating a HomeBridge plugin into the Jaguar's InControl API, Siobhan Ellis was able to create a system that allows the car to be monitored, controlled, and automated.

The setup allows basic data like charging levels and current interior temperature to be read in HomeKit. Ellis can also send commands to the vehicle, including a command to start charging the battery.

Credit: Siobhan Ellis
Credit: Siobhan Ellis

There are possibilities for automation, as well. Ellis points out that the system can automatically pre-condition a car based on calendar events. The system can also automatically unlock the vehicle in the morning as well.

As the blogger points out, the system requires a fair bit of manual configuration, but some shortcomings were overcome with hardware tinkering. Ellis added wireless CarPlay through a CPLAY2air adapter and installed a MagSafe charger on the dashboard to charge an iPhone.

Credit: Siobhan Ellis
Credit: Siobhan Ellis

It isn't a plug-and-play system, but the blog post, first spotted by MacRumors, shows how useful it could be to add a vehicle to HomeKit.

Although Apple or vehicle manufacturers haven't officially touted car automation via HomeKit, there are some signs that it could be a mainstream solution in the future. Apple is working on a new CarKey feature and has closely collaborated with automakers like BMW and Porsche to bring Apple functionality to more vehicles.