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UK government intervenes in Nvidia takeover of Arm, cites 'national security'

Arm processors are at the heart of iPhones, iPads, and Apple Silicon

The UK's Competition and Markets Authority has been ordered to investigate Nvidia's proposed takeover of British company Arm, the company whose technology is used by Apple Silicon.

Nvidia's record-breaking $40 billion purchase of Arm has already been opposed by the likes of Qualcomm, and has been examined by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). Now the UK wants to step up its CMA activity with a "phase one" investigation over national security concerns.

According to London's Evening Standard newspaper, the further action has been ordered by UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden.

"Following careful consideration of the proposed takeover of Arm," said Dowden, "I have today issued an intervention notice on national security grounds. As a next step and to help me gather the relevant information, the UK's independent competition authority will now prepare a report on the implications of the transaction, which will help inform any further decisions."

"We want to support our thriving UK tech industry and welcome foreign investment," he continued, "but it is appropriate that we properly consider the national security implications of a transaction like this."

The CMA had previously invited concerned parties to submit their views on the sale, and in its impact on local competition. The watchdog body will now more formally examine the details of the deal, and has until July 30 to make recommendations.

Arm is the Cambridge, UK-based technology company originally founded in the 1980s and now powering countless devices worldwide. Apple already uses it for M1 Macs, plus iPhones and iPads, and is expected to continue.

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