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Apple unveils 'Ted Lasso' second-season trailer at Spring Loaded event

A look at Ted Lasso, at the Spring Loaded event

Tim Cook unveiled a look at the second season of the popular Apple TV+ show, which he called "one of my favorites."

At its Spring Loaded event April 20, Apple CEO Tim Cook cited several of the most popular shows on the Apple TV+ streaming service, including "global hit drama The Morning Show, Academy Award-nominated Wolfwalkers, the Billie Eilish documentary, The Oprah Conversation, and of course, the incredibly popular comedy Ted Lasso.

Cook went on to describe the Jason Sudeikis soccer comedy as "one of my favorites"- and then unveiled a trailer for the show's second season.

The trailer, lasting about two minutes, is scored to Queen's "We Will Rock You." It shows a visual style not that different from the first season, while also emphasizing the show's theme of positivity. "This year, believe kindness makes a comeback," it says, before sharing both on and off-field action for AFC Richmond:

Cook said that the series will be arriving in July, and around the same time, both the Apple TV and the show's official Twitter accounts listed the premiere date as July 23.

Ted Lasso, based on a series of commercials for NBC's English Premier League coverage nearly a decade earlier, follows the adventures of an American football coach (Jason Sudeikis) who is hired to coach a soccer club in England. The first season became an underdog hit when it launched on Apple TV+ in 2020, and has won several awards, including Apple's first-ever Golden Globe for Sudeikis.

Members of the show's creative team appeared on a panel together at the virtual South by Southwest festival in March.