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Home app gets HomePod timer controls in iOS 14.7 beta

The latest iOS 14.7 beta enables HomePod users to set timers from the Home app, a function previously restricted to voice instructions through Siri.

Timers have always been a sticking point with HomePod. When the product first launched, Apple failed to include an option to set multiple timers simultaneously. The company added the feature in a software update in 2018, but has until now left timers untouched.

Wednesday's iOS 14.7 beta release includes a new option in the Home app that allows users to manually set timers without interacting with Siri. Located alongside HomePod alarm settings, the function includes the ability to assign timer labels, view countdowns and cancel timers.

Like the timer in Clock on iOS, users can set a HomePod's timer to count down hours, minutes and seconds. Countdowns should also be available through Siri on HomePod.

HomePod will require an update for the new Home app-based timer to work.

9to5Mac spotted the addition earlier today.

Beyond manual timer control for HomePod, iOS 14.7 is devoid of major features, suggesting the update will likely include bug fixes and performance improvements. The seemingly minor point update is curious considering Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference is only two weeks away.