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Apple's new 'Beats Studio Buds' revealed in FCC filing

Detail from the FCC filing

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The FCC regulatory database is now showing Apple's forthcoming 'Beats Studio Bud," revealing their probable final name, as well as confirming expected designs.

Following a recent report that Apple was working on new earbuds, a filing in the Federal Communications Commission regulatory database has now confirmed it.

Aside from a product name and one basic diagram, the FCC listing, under Apple's internal reference numbers A2512 and A2513, contains little information. There is copious detail of the specific Bluetooth transmission testing, but also a copy of Apple's request for confidentiality.

Consequently, the sole diagram presented is one intended for Apple to follow in the positioning of its FCC markings. As first spotted by MacRumors, the basic line diagram reveals little, compared to the recent findings of icons within iOS and tvOS betas.

Apple cannot sell such devices without FCC approval, but such approval is not a specific guide to when a product may be launched. It's reasonable to expect that it will be soon, however.

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