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Apple CEO Tim Cook talked with Malala about coding, education, the pandemic

Tim Cook and Malala

As part of a video conversation series, Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke with Malala Yousafzai about life during the pandemic and what's next.

The conversation ranged from how Tim Cook and Malala first met to their love of Apple TV+ show "Ted Lasso." Hosted by British Vogue, the "In Conversation" series brings various people together to discuss the world and events around them.

Malala reiterated that Apple is one of the biggest participants in the Malala Fund, providing education and tools to girls in underfunded communities. The world has changed drastically since the Malala Fund started, and many girls have been removed from school to help at home — a challenge for the fund.

Technology helps equalize education, especially for those removed from school during the pandemic. Malala hopes to help the 130 million girls removed from school continue their education despite the challenges.

While staying home and social distancing, Malala says she began learning to code. Staff at Apple have been helping with her learning.

"Everyone should learn to code," says Tim Cook. "Its the only global language, and I've always felt it was the most important of the second languages."

The conversation moved to racial equity and injustice. Tim Cook tells a story about a man from Alabama who attends a developer program and learns to code. In less than a year, he goes from being a furniture delivery guy to being a software engineer at a startup.

Malala asks why privacy should be important to young people. He responds that in a world where "people are tracked throughout their day," that "people will explore less, they will communicate less, their freedom of expression begins to narrow." The worry of being tracked everywhere will force people to stop exploring and stop creating.

Cook says that Apple wants to give people tools to stop the tracking and will give users "more of those in a few weeks." The idea of user privacy goes back to Steve Jobs, who was keen on the issue.

They both agree that "Ted Lasso" is their favorite show on Apple TV+. Malala wants to create content that can be emotionally moving and funny, just like the show.

Those interested in the full interview can see it on YouTube. The thirty-minute discussion covers many topics surrounding Apple and activism.

Apple has partnered with the Malala Fund over the years to help support girls' education and equal opportunity. More recently, Malala herself joined Apple TV+ in a multi-year programming deal to produce content.

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