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IAC CEO says Apple is 'worse' than Google, likely the next antitrust target

Credit: WikiMedia Commons

In the wake of a massive antitrust lawsuit against Google, IAC CEO Joey Levin says that Apple is "worse" than the search giant and will likely be the next major target for competition regulators.

Levin, whose company operates internet properties, says that U.S. attorneys general "got it right" with their lawsuit against Google. Speaking to CNBC Friday, Levin said that Apple could be in the crosshairs of the next big antitrust crackdown.

"Apple's next, and I think Apple is, in many senses, worse," Levin said. His company, IAC, operates firms that have apps on Apple's App Store

The Cupertino tech giant has "forced companies into the system," Levin said, adding that "they have a monopoly, there's no way around it. And the fees are exorbitant, and that flows through to everybody."

Back in May, Levin openly criticized Apple's 30% of app and in-app purchases on the App Store. He called the fee "disgusting," and also complained about an alleged "quasi-monopoly."

Apple has defended the fee, claiming that it's on par with what other marketplace operators charge. Google too charges a 30% cut, but its Google Play store is less restricted. Both Apple and Google have launched programs slashing the commission for smaller businesses.

Levin, however, praised the crackdown on Google and the potential for regulators to go after Apple next.

"I think the world could use competition. I think the world could use some regulations around the scale of these businesses now, there's a lot of power concentrated in very few hands," Levin said. "It'll be good for innovation, if they can get it right."

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