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LiDAR to remain exclusive to 'iPhone 13 Pro' models, claims leaker

The camera bump of the iPhone 12 Pro.

A new leak claims that the rear LiDAR sensor will not be coming to all models in the forthcoming "iPhone 13" range after all.

Despite previous reports that all of the next iPhonewould gain a rear LiDAR sensor, a new claim says it will still be exclusive to the "iPhone 13 Pro," and "iPhone 13 Pro Max." There are no further details, with leaker "Dylandkt" saying only that it is for "one reason or another."

The LiDAR scanner in the iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and both models of the iPad Pro, are expected to become more useful in Apple AR as they are able to scan objects or surroundings. However, their ability to do that also mean that they make iPhone cameras quicker at autofocus.

As yet, no other source has claimed there will be a delay in bringing LiDAR to all iPhones. However, leaker Dylandkt has a track record, having been correct in reporting that the M1 processor would come to the iPad Pro.

Most recently, the leaker has claimed that an "M2" processor will debut in early 2022. The claim is that it will be used first in a revised MacBook Air.

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