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New 'Shot on iPhone 12' video gives film-making tips and tricks

Credit: Apple

Apple has published a new video showing off different iPhone 12 filmmaking techniques for aspiring cinematographers and casual users alike.

The three and a half minute clip focuses on DIY and improvised techniques with the iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. That includes using a headlamp and a bike wheel to create an interesting lighting effect, or mimicking a crane shot by dropping an iPhone onto a dog bed. There are also tips on using the Ultra Wide Camera to create fun perspective tricks.

"Commissioned by Apple. A behind the scenes look at just how simple filmmaking can really be," Apple said of the video."Learn a few simple iPhone filmmaking techniques to turn your movies into The Movies."

The film techniques clip is just the latest video in Apple's ongoing "Shot on iPhone 12" series. Past videos included another how-to that walked users through floral iPhone photography. The company has also highlighted both photographers and filmmakers in its ad spots.