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New Apple Store App Clip surfaces self-checkout options

A new App Clip for the Apple Store app allows customers to quickly scan a barcode to purchase select accessories without interacting with store staff.

Available now at a limited number of Apple Store locations, the new self-checkout App Clip streamlines contactless shopping at the company's brick-and-mortar locations.

As reported by 9to5Mac, App Clips codes are displayed on placards next to certain accessories like iPhone cases. Scanning the code opens the new Apple Store "Scan. Pay. Go." App Clip, which subsequently launches the app's barcode scanner.

Like the full Apple Store app, the App Clip's barcode reader can be used to scan small items like cases, cables, chargers and more, with checkout accomplished through Apple Pay. No human interaction is required to complete the purchase.

The Apple Store app has long offered a self-checkout option that is enabled when opening the app while in or near an Apple Store. Unfortunately, the feature is not advertised in the app or at Apple's outlets, but the company is now leaning on App Clips to surface the capability for more customers.

Apple introduced App Clips last year with the launch of iOS 14. Activated by special QR codes, the iOS system feature presents snippets of full apps to surface important app utilities like payment processing.

For example, users can walk into a restaurant whose app supports App Clips, like Panera Bread, scan the QR code to launch an App Clip pane and pay for their food via Apple Pay, all without downloading the Panera app.

Apple is in the process of rolling out Apple Store App Clips across its retail network.