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Apple touts iPhone 13 filmmaking prowess with Twitter 'hashflag'

Apple on Friday introduced a Twitter "hashflag" to promote the filmmaking capabilities of its new iPhone 13 series, a feature lineup made possible through improved hardware and software enhancements.

The rather verbose "HollywoodInYourPocket" hashflag debuted on Friday in a promotional tweet from Apple's official account, meaning it does not currently appear on the company's main feed.

Featuring a clapperboard embellished with an Apple logo, the hashflag takes a cue from Apple's "California Streaming" event where the company introduced a slate of new iPhone 13 camera features.

Along with across-the-board camera hardware upgrades, Apple is bringing a new "Cinematic mode" to both iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro handsets. Mimicking professional videography techniques, the technology uses machine learning algorithms to automatically shift focus to people, pets and objects, adding a depth effect for cinema-style shots. "Cinema mode" can anticipate when another subject enters the frame and users can manually adjust focus after footage is captured.

The new feature, enabled by Apple's A15 Bionic chip, is shown off in a video embedded in Apple's tweet.

According to researcher Jane Manchun Wong's Hashflag Browser, "HollywoodInYourPocket" should remain active through Dec. 17, giving iPhone 13 users plenty of time to shoot and share their own "Cinematic mode" content. first spotted the new icon.

Since first using the hashflag feature to publicize the launch of a refreshed iPad Air and Apple Watch Series 6 last year, Apple has activated the small Twitter icons to promote its Worldwide Developers Conference and hype the debut of the M1 iMac, iPad Pro, Apple TV 4K and AirTag. Most recently, the company purchased a hashflag for its "California Streaming" special event to go along with the "#AppleEvent" hashtag.