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Apple Card now offering 6% Daily Cash on Apple Store purchases

Credit: Apple

Apple appears to be quietly offering 6% daily cash back for Apple Card users who purchase new hardware or accessories from the online Apple Store.

The new promotion, which has yet to be officially announced, was first spotted by Tailosive Tech. At least one other user also shared an image of their Apple Store transaction netting 6% in Daily Cash Back.

AppleInsider has confirmed the cash back promotion applies to all Apple Store purchases.

It isn't entirely clear when exactly the promotional rate kicked in, though some users have noticed the 6% cash back on their MacBook Pro pre-orders. However, some users aren't seeing that amount for their own Apple Store transactions. This may be because their apps have yet to update with the promotional rate.

This isn't the first time that Apple has offered a 6% cash back rate. Back in 2019, Apple ran a 6% cash back promotion during the busy holiday shopping season. Earlier in 2021, it also offered new Apple Card holders 6% daily cash on certain purchases for a limited time.

The promotional rate only applies to purchases made with an Apple Card on Apple's online storefront or the Apple Store app. It excludes purchases from the App Store.