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TP-Link launches HomeKit-enabled smart lighting and outlets at CES

One of four new smart security cameras from TP-Link

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Smart home firm TP-Link is introducing several new HomeKit-compatible products at CES 2022 as it brings its European "Tapo" range of devices to the US.

TP-Link previously announced, and then cancelled, plans to add HomeKit support to devices under its Kasa brand. At the time, the company said only that this was due to "changes in our roadmap."

Now it appears that the roadmap involves bringing Tapo, its existing European brand, to the States, and launching HomeKit support with that. According the company's statement, the plan is that Tapo will add "to TP-Link's Kasa Smart Home Products."

The release suggests that the current Kasa line will continue, and will continue to lack HomeKit support. However, TP-link also says only users will "find that many Tapo products... are Apple HomeKit compatible."

It's not clear whether any devices will fail to support HomeKit, or whether the company is being cautious about promising support again. TP-Link does now specify that HomeKit works with Tapo smart plugs, switches, and smart lighting.

TP-Link has announced the Tapo P125 Mini Smart Plug, a Tapo S500D Smart Dimmer Switch, and also a Tap P306 Wall Power Strip. All of which will support Apple HomeKit.

TP-Link also says that its "flagship Tap L930-5 Smart Multicolor Light Strip," is HomeKit compatible, as is the Tap L535 Multicolor Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulb.

No pricing or availability has been announced for any of these.

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