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No 'Studio Display Pro' in 2022, suggests Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple's current Pro Display XDR monitors

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Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that cost means Apple may not release any new mini LED screens in 2022, although other analysts maintain a "Studio Display Pro" is still coming.

The launch of the 5K Studio Display was preceded by supply chain rumors that claimed the screen would be 7K. Rather than simply being wrong, it's possible a higher resolution screen is in the works - but analysts disagree.

Such a screen might be a replacement for the Pro Display XDR, launched over two years ago. If so, it might also be expected to add 120Mhz ProMotion, and feature mini LED backlighting.

However, this is where Ming-Chi Kuo sees a potential problem.


At the same time, though, analyst Ross Young at Display Supply Chain Consultants, maintains that such a higher-end monitor is still intended for June 2022. Young claims that production has already begun.

Apple's new Studio Display is a 27-inch 5K monitor, that starts at $1,599 - but can easily climb to $2,458.