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French customer receives Mac Studio order a few days early

Credit: Simon via Mac4Ever

A French Apple fan has received his Mac Studio order a few days before orders are officially supposed to arrive — and he has shared images of the device, too.

The Mac Studio buyer is named Simon, French-language site Mac4Ever has reported. According to the outlet, an unnamed Apple Store gave Simon his order a few days ahead of schedule.

After receiving his order early, Simon shared a number of images — including photos of the device's box, its front and back, and its bottom. The images don't reveal anything new about the Mac Studio, but they do depict what Mac4Ever calls a "pleasant blunder" on the part of the Apple retail location.

Credit: Mac4Ever
Credit: Mac4Ever

While Apple generally tries to stop products from shipping before they intended launch date, retailers occasionally mess up and give out the devices early.

Credit: Mac4Ever
Credit: Mac4Ever

Back in May 2021, a few Apple customers said they received their M1 iPad Pro orders a few days earlier than expected. Multiple people also received their AirTag orders sooner than anticipated in April 2021.

The Mac Studio, which starts at $1,999, is a new machine in the desktop Mac lineup that occupies a slot between the Mac mini and Mac Pro. It's equipped with Apple's highest-end M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips and boasts more power than the technically higher-tier Mac Pro.

Apple's Mac Studio went on sale after the company's "Peek Performance" event earlier in March. It's slated to arrive on customer doorsteps and in-store on Friday, March 18.