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Apple TV+ launches 'Friday Night Baseball' ahead of season start

Ahead of its first live games on April 8, 2022, Apple TV+ has added a new "Friday Night Baseball" section of the app, including archive games that can be watched now.

Apple's TV app on Mac, iOS, and Apple TV has gained a new sports section in preparation for the launch of "Friday Night Baseball." Users in the US and selected other countries can all see brief listings for the first two months of games.

The listings show only the teams, the date, and the venue, but they all come with the regular Add to Up Next button. So users can build up their own schedule of games to watch.

These games will all be available to watch in any territory where Apple TV+ has added this new section. That's the US, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Korea, and the UK.

Alongside live coverage, Apple TV+ now includes archive MLB games

Users in the US, however, are already seeing more. Alongside the listings for future games, the TV app contains what Apple calls "All MLB, All Day," with programming that can be watched now.

This section includes archive game highlights, and shows such as the long-running "This Week in Baseball."

Alongside its sports coverage, Apple will be adding sports documentaries. A series about Makur Maker, and one about "Magic" Johnson, both stream from April 22, 2022.