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Apple launches new Darkside, Popped, and tbh Podcasts Collections

Three new Apple Podcasts Collections have been unveiled, free genre playlists updating each week with recommendations across true crime, culture, and entertainment shows.

Apple Podcasts Collections are similar to the weekly updated Apple Music playlists. Apple has now long been curating "collections" on topical subjects such as Black History Month, or year-round issues such as family-recommended podcasts for children.

Now it's launched a series of three new ones, which Apple has announced are each to be updated weekly. These Darkside, Popped and "tbh" Collections are promoted in the Browse and Search sections of Apple Podcasts on iOS.

"Each Tuesday, Darkside presents new series and seasons that go deep into the wide and unpredictable worlds of crime," says Apple in a press release. "From murder mysteries to missing persons cases to scammers, con artists, and cults — listeners will find their next binge here, no matter how macabre it may be."

Then every Thursday there's a new Popped collection, ready for weekend listening.

"Popped helps listeners find the best discussions about their favorite TV shows, movies, music, books, video games, and more," says Apple, "with podcasts that feature must-hear takes and interviews with the people who make these experiences so special."

In between these two, Wednesday's see the "tbh" (To Be Honest) Collection updated. "This Collection serves up new ways to understand the world," continues Apple, "with context, nuance, and empathy."

Apple uses its Podcasts app's Browse and Search sections to promote various shows, playlists and channels. Apple says that these new Collections are only for US and Canada users, so they will solely appear in those sections for users in those countries.

It's likely that the three will be officially rolled out internationally, however, as the new Collections are already appearing in the Podcasts app in the UK. Or at least, at present they are in the macOS Podcasts app, not the iOS one.