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Apple doubles 'Made in India' iPhone shipments in Q1

Alpine Green iPhone 13 Pro

Almost one million iPhones made in India for sale in that country, were produced in the first quarter of 2022, making a 50% rise in local manufacturing.

Even before Foxconn's Sriperumbudur plant in India began producing the iPhone 13 in April, 2022, existing local production was already ramping up from previous years.

According to Indian news agency IANS, via Business Insider, the 50% growth is in those iPhones produced under the "Make in India" incentives. While Apple's suppliers can make iPhones for distribution anywhere, there are local tax advantages to both producing and selling the models in India.

Market research conducted by CyberMedia Research (CMR) claims that overall sales of iPhones in India, whether made in the country or not, also rose by some 22%.

Initially, Apple limited its "Made in India" production to older iPhone models. Now, however, it is producing the iPhone 13 there. CMR says that sales of the newest iPhone are almost equally as responsible for the overall growth as the iPhone 12 continues to be.