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Apple says reduced iPad revenue is partially a result of supply constraints

The iPad Air 5 is driving demand despite a decrease in revenue

The iPad line brought in $7.65 billion in revenue in Q2 2022, down year-over-year from 2021, and Apple attributes this to supply constraints rather than lack of demand.

Apple brought in $97.28 billion in revenue and the iPad contributed to $7.65 billion of that. This is down from $7.8 billion from Q2 2021.

During the quarterly Apple earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook commented on the decline in iPad revenue, pointing out that supply constraints have had an effect on sales. He asserted that demand for iPad, and specifically the new iPad Air 5 with M1 processor, was still strong.

According to Cook, the install base for the iPad is at an all-time high. Also, half of the customers buying an iPad were first-time buyers of the device.

Every other category Apple provides data for had an increase in revenue overall. While Apple says supply chains were at fault, other issues could include lower demand in tablets now that COVID lockdowns have ended or potential customers being steered towards the Apple Silicon-powered Macs.

iPad quarterly revenue
iPad quarterly revenue

Apple guides that its third quarter will continue to be an unknown and it is difficult to provide guidance due to a number of factors. COVID continues to impact the supply chain, and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine means no sales in Russia. It isn't clear if iPad revenue will recover in Q3.